10 Best Deck Building Video Games, Ranked


Deck-building video games have established themselves as one of the most popular forms of entertainment in 2022. Immersive board games use card collection and require strategic planning for players to create the most powerful as possible, allowing them to fortify their character and conquer the game along the easiest path possible.

Of course, deck building games come in all varieties and offer unique gameplay options depending on the player’s experience. From beginners to experts, the most satisfying deck-building games present a wealth of unique challenges to explore endlessly, whether in single or multiplayer mode.


ten Friday

For novice deckbuilders looking for an engaging introduction to card games, Friday is an ideal single-player effort to learn the ropes of navigating the gameplay of the genre. Players venture to a desert island with Robinson Crusoe and recover buried treasure, fend off pirates, and fortify their bridge along the way.

The great thing about Friday is that it’s specifically designed for solo play, which means players don’t need to gather others to play and learn the ropes of deck-building strategy. As such, it’s a great entry point for the deckbuilding brand and it’s sure to appeal to players for more advanced games to come.

9 Stellar realms

One of the most popular deck building games in 2022 includes Stellar realms, an extremely balanced spaceship trading and combat game that never gets bored for a moment. Easy to learn and great fun to play, Star Realms is the logical sequel to Friday as it was designed for a two-player mode (now up to six players) allowing players to improve their combat skills and craftsmanship. collaborative team in a card collection setting. .

Beyond mechanical simplicity and affordable price (around $15), Stellar realms is portable, expandable, and has won multiple awards for its brilliant mix of sci-fi space combat and old-school bridge building that makes for a fascinating blend of Magic and Domination. As such, it’s ideal for the novice deckbuilder looking to take the next step.

8 Core worlds

Although Eminent Domain and Race for the Galaxy deserves a mention, Core worlds is the next best space travel deck building game to check out. Players manage an Imperial spaceship to conquer various planets in the galaxy. In order to advance in the cosmos, players must build their advanced starships and technology to travel deeper into space.

Thanks to its impressive Galactic Orders expansion pack, Core Worlds is vastly improved and upgraded to become one of the most involved deck builders on the market. Players can buy troops, fortify squads, attack planets, etc., leading to strategic decision-making and the disastrous consequences of one wrong move.

seven Click!

Whereas Click! In! Space! is another worthy sci-fi deckbuilder, its dungeon-based predecessor, Clink!, is the next best video board game for fans of the genre to try. This fun adventure game has players working together as thieves tasked with stealing as many priceless relics as possible while avoiding a fire-breathing dragon guarding an underground lair.

Click! is a terrific 2-4 player game that forces players to come up with the best strategies imaginable, making the risk of collecting cards a real trade-off. If players get too ambitious, they will inevitably pay the price. If they remain too passive, they will also suffer endlessly. As such, it’s a perfect game for beginner to intermediate deckbuilders to really strengthen their decision-making.

6 Thunderstone Quest

For players looking for multi-narrative games that vary based on their deck construction, Thunderstone Quest is the place to be. A major upgrade to 2009 Thunderstoneplayers enter a dungeon and are tasked with building spells, weapons, tools, and other items needed to slay a horde of beasts.

Which makes Thunderstone Quest such a special deckbuilder is its immense replay value. Since the game tells a specific story based on pre-selected dungeon tiles, heroes, ghouls, and support cards, multiple outcomes are possible depending on a player’s specific game strategy. Even better, Thunderstone Quest is cooperative, allowing players to work with their friends rather than taking on solo missions like Friday.

5 Foyer

Currently holding a Metascore of 93 for iOS, Blizzard Entertainment Foyer is still one of the most universally acclaimed deck-building games in 2022. In addition to being free-to-play, mass appeal stems from its fast-paced gameplay, core mechanics anyone can learn, and great gameplay. impeccable attention to detail in his stunning illustrations. Of course, that the game relies on the Warcraft tradition is one of its main attractions.

Named by Forbes as the best digital card game of 2013, Foyer has seen tons of expansion upgrades over the past few decades (including the impressive Boomsday Card expansion), giving players a living continuation into the medieval kingdom of Warcraft. The best part about Hearthstone is its countless game modes, which include 1v1, Classic, Multiplayer, Arena, Tavern Brawls, Battlegrounds, Duels, and Mercenary, making it ideal for deck builders looking for more advanced challenges.

4 The end of Aeon

Released in 2019, The end of Aeon is another acclaimed and highly advanced deck-building game that requires intricate co-op to conquer. Players control one of four mages protecting the long-lost underground metropolis Gravehold from an enemy called The Nameless, building their decks using runes, relics, gems, and minions.

While teams of up to four people roam the D&D-like setting, which defines Aeon the end aside from its use of chance. Rather than shuffling one player’s play, the game shuffles players’ turn order, forcing them to think and strategize well in advance like a 4D chess player. With endless game options and unpredictable outcomes, The end of Aeon is one of the toughest cooperative deckbuilders that experts will have a blast trying to defeat.

3 Ascent

Framed by the old Magic The Gathering champ Justin Gary, Ascent is arguably the best card-based video game on Steam for hardcore fans of the subgenre who need an increased level of difficulty. Constantly updated with expansion packs (15 so far), Ascent tasks players with building their decks of cards by spending runes, brilliantly balancing mental strategy with physical adventure game mechanics.

Despite the immense complexity of its various challenges, Ascent is surprisingly easy to learn and boasts a fast pace that keeps players engaged even as they figure out how to maneuver early on. For those looking for the most satisfying multiplayer deck builders, Ascent is the way to go.

2 mage knight

Whereas Magic the Gathering Arena is always a safe bet, mage knight will challenge even the most advanced deck builders to conquer the game in no time. Loaded with intense puzzles that require a steep learning curve, players can take on missions solo or cooperate with up to three others. Each character begins by drawing five cards before increasing to a total of 16 by taking on a host of gruesome enemies and solving a series of brain-twisting puzzles.

The coolest part? Players actually build the game board itself using tiles as described by some prompts. By controlling one of the four mage knights, players can fight, conquer cities, explore kingdoms, control lands and investigate mysteries. Named best single-player RPG deck builder by board game land in 2018, mage knight is reserved for the most advanced players who prefer cerebral strategy to simple adventure. It’s even a great single-player game for fans of multiplayer mode.

1 Domination

Universally recognized as the granddaddy of all deckbuilding games, Domination remain at the top of the class. Without it laying the groundwork for an entire subgenre of card games, none of the other deckbuilders mentioned would exist. As such, he deserves all the respect in the world.

The game that started it all Domination takes place in a medieval kingdom where players buy cards to upgrade their decks to battle enemies, level up their character, and earn valuable points. The game has been expanded 14 times from 2022, giving players endless options to spend hours navigating while building decks ranging from Victory, Curse, Treasure, Attack, Action, and Reaction cards. Winner of several awards, Domination is both a great entry point for beginners and a formidable challenge for experts who get the expansion packs.

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