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A spin-off from Borderlands franchise, The wonders of Tiny Tina is a first-person looter-shooter that explores the adventures of its titular protagonist as she serves as a dungeon master in a fantasy tabletop game world. Dungeons & Dragons is an obvious inspiration behind the gameplay, but the immersive fantasy environments also resemble other popular video game franchises such as monster hunter and Final Fantasy.

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As previously mentioned, The wonders of Tiny Tina is a quintessential looter-shooter with its fast-paced action, procedurally generated weapons, and a combination of first-person shooter and fantasy role-playing.


Hellgate: London (2007)

A knight holding a sword in Hellgate London

In 2007, it was not very common to find video games with continuous additional content that appeared in the game even after release. Hellgate: London was one of the first examples to incorporate this “games to a service” model. The overall premise dealt with a post-apocalyptic London in the year 2038, making it the perfect game to incorporate dark fantasy elements.

Most important, Hellgate: London can also be considered one of the first looter-shooters with its items and weapons, first-person shooter mechanics, action RPG gameplay, and updates for characters and weapon stats. For its historical value alone, the iconic dystopian video game is a must-have option for fans of The wonders of Tiny Tina.

Alice (2000)

Alice and the Cheshire Cat in American McGee's Alice.

Also known as American McGee’s Alice (after the creator of the game) this is one of the best Alice in Wonderland– inspired video games. Inspired by Lewis Caroll’s classic novel, the game features a darker, grittier version of Wonderland as the protagonist makes her way through it. Not only does Alice battle supernatural threats, but her own inner demons as well.

Dark fantasy elements like absurd gothic characters and an immersive supernatural realm would attract the attention of The wonders of Tiny Tina players. Either way, the female protagonists end up claiming control over these fantasy worlds. In Alice’s case, Wonderland turns out to be a literal mental creation and as for Tiny Tina, she serves as the Dungeon Master of Wonderland.

World of Warcraft (2004)

For those whose favorite board game is Dungeons & Dragons, they or they would also have a blast with a cult fantasy MMORPG like World of Warcraft. Players can explore the open world of Azeroth, fight monsters, and complete quests in a medieval setting.

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The stylistic similarities are evident between this fantasy classic and The wonders of Tiny Tina. At the same time, it’s also worth noting how the two could be among the best video game spinoffs. The wonders of Tiny Tina is the last entrant in the Borderlands franchise while World of Warcraft born from Warcraft RPG series.

Destiny 2 (2017)

destiny 2 lost calendar season

Destiny 2 is arguably one of the best “mythic sci-fi” video games with a style reminiscent of sci-fi classics such as Frank Herbert’s novel Dunes or Bioware Mass Effect video games. The richly detailed plot revolves around wars between militaristic empires in a post-apocalyptic setting.

While the tone of the story is more serious compared to a looter-shooter such as The wonders of Tiny Tina, Destiny 2Player versus Environment (PvE) mode will offer similar gameplay on an immersive level. Players may encounter dungeon-like traps and face enemy attacks and raids. Moreover, they can also explore the scope of the game and interact with non-playable characters.

Intrepid (2019)

Nintendo Switch Dauntless video game art.

In the futuristic and fantastic world of Intrepid, dragon-like creatures called Behemoths prey on the last of humanity. In a quest for survival, adventurers called Slayers pursue these creatures and hunt them down. Along the way, the game also lets Slayers acquire loot in the form of weapons and extra points.

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The loot system also allows players to obtain upgrades for their weapons that help defeat Behemoths. The combat system is impressive, allowing combo systems to attack creatures. A classic fantasy premise paired with loot-battle gameplay makes it a perfect fit for The wonders of Tiny Tiny players.

Monster Hunter: World (2018)

The well-made hammer-wielding player character in Monster Hunter World.

The fifth installment of monster hunter Games, the action RPG Monster Hunter: World finds players hunting down the titular monsters in open environments. Once captured or killed, parts of the monsters themselves are used as loot to craft more powerful weapons and gear.

While weapon and armor upgrades are common in looter-shooters such as The wonders of Tiny Tinathe fact that the creature’s body itself serves as raw material for upgrades makes Monster Hunter: World quite fun and unique.

BioShock (2007)

BioShock Movie Details

The game that started the BioShock The franchise began as a first-person shooter with visual elements reminiscent of the steampunk genre. Set in 1960, the premise finds the protagonist accidentally discovering an underwater utopian city and the greater conspiracy it hides.

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Even though it was marketed as a shooter, BioShock also has a plethora of role-playing elements that allow players to defeat enemies through stealth, direct killing, or psychological manipulation. The combination of playstyles makes it an ideal role-playing shooter in the same way The wonders of Tiny Tina merges fantasy action with loot-based RPGs. Additionally, both games are among video game publisher 2K’s most marketable properties.

Dungeons & Dragons Online (2006)

dungeons and dragons online ddo

Based on one of the best board games for all ages, Dungeons & Dragons Online serves as a worthy online update. It is basically an online multiplayer game that allows multiple players to engage in turn-based gameplay in a multi-level fantasy world. In other words, it’s the closest experience one can get while playing virtually. J&D.

The tabletop classic has been the inspiration for a plethora of fantastic video games. The wonders of Tiny Tina is no exception. Add to that the very fact that the video game takes place in the middle of a real tabletop game with Tina as “Dungeon Master” and the Dungeons & Dragons tribute is quite obvious.

Final Fantasy franchise (since 1987)

Cloud and two female characters prepare for battle

the Final Fantasy Fantasy and sci-fi game series are an integral part of the RPG world. Spanning several main episodes and spin-offs, Final Fantasy games is an essential game for those who are impressed with fantasy looter shooters like The wonders of Tiny Tina.

More specifically, it is the latter’s overworld system that is most reminiscent of Final Fantasy Games. In The wonders of Tiny Tina, some combat-based quests can only be completed in the overworld. Otherwise, the area is mainly used by players to wander around various locations in the game.

Risk of Rain 2 (2019)

Risk of Rain 2 Railgunner

In the adventure of survival Chance of rain 2players must make it out alive on an abandoned island that is otherwise infested with alien creatures of all kinds.

The game will pique the interest of The wonders of Tiny Tina players for the ability to loot chests to improve power. Players can slay monstrous villains while exploring the island, but as difficulty levels increase, looting chests becomes essential. This increases not only the offensive capabilities but also their defensive capabilities. Overall, it’s a refreshing take on the looter subgenre of games with tropes from the survival genre.

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