10 Best Robotic Companions In Video Games, Ranked


For more than thirty years of gaming, it has been common for the main protagonist to have a companion by his side. Whether it’s the voice in their head or a cute creature to ride on their shoulder, it creates a character dynamic that still works to this day.

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One variation of this trope is the use of a cybernetic or robotic companion. Sci-fi games like to pair the hero with a robotic partner to help them on their journey. This means characters must have robotic bodies, so AI guides such as Cortana from Halo will not be included.


Rush – Mega Man Series

Monster Hunter Rise Rush Layered Armor

The only thing better than a canine companion is a robot dog companion. One of the first playmate robots, Rush is a cybernetic dog that the player can summon for spring jumping to higher places. With different power-ups, Rush could also transform into a hoverboard or a submarine for Mega Man.

Rush may not have much in terms of personality, but he’s a loyal friend to Mega Man and Dr. Light, proving to be a good dog with a good heart. Without Rush, the concept of hero-friendly robots might not exist today.

Robo – Chrono Trigger

Robo waving in promo art for Chrono Trigger

This classic yet challenging JRPG for the SNES features many unique characters, including a real frog with a sword. One of these characters is a robot from the year 2300 AD who joins Crono, Frog and Marle in their quest to save the timeline from disaster.

Not only is he one of the most versatile party members to have in the trigger of a stopwatch but he is one of the most unique robots in terms of design. It features sci-fi and fantasy elements mixed with a steampunk aesthetic. He is also a very charming and faithful companion for whom it is difficult not to fall in love at the end of the journey.

CL4P-TP (Claptrap) – Borderlands Series

Claptrap being sassy, ​​Borderlands 3

through the four Borderlands games, the Vault Hunters always encounter a small but also maniacal robot named CL4P-TP AKA Claptrap. He talks a little more than he should, but that’s part of his charm as he guides the player while revealing himself to be quite a bloodthirsty robot. he is also one of the most beloved characters in the Borderlands mythos.

More often than not, Claptrap gets himself into trouble and it’s up to the player to save him, but he means well and is useful in many situations. Even when he’s causing trouble, Claptrap’s poor mental health leads him to fill every scene with commentary that’s sure to make everyone laugh.

HK-47 – Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

HK-47 aiming his blaster rifle in Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic

Similar to Claptrap, HK-47 is a droid whose processors might need some tweaking. He enjoys killing as he is an assassin droid designed to serve Darth Revan. HK-47 also tends to tell it like it is, like the K-2S0 of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story which leads to a lot of comical situations.

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Despite being the definition of a murderous robot and his unsympathetic personality, HK-47 has a charm factor. It earned him a spot as a fan-favorite character in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republicvs.

Nick Valentine – Fallout 4

Nick Valentine in Fallout 4.

When it comes to robots, no one expects to see them as old-school black detectives. Nick Valentine is that style of detective, debuting in Fallout 4. He can be found in Diamond City and recruited alongside the player, just like Dogmeat, Cogsworth, or Piper Wright.

From Nick’s many standout quotes to its overall design, blending old and new technology that perfectly represents the Fallout universe; Nick Valentine is one of the most memorable characters in Fallout 4to the point of returning as an important part of the distant port DLCs.

Ghost – Destiny Series

Guardians wielding Ghost in Destiny 2

Being voiced by the one and only Nolan North, it’s hard not to appreciate Ghost’s presence in the destiny Games. Since the Guardians players control are mostly silent, Ghost provides all the commentary while guiding the player on their journey across multiple planets.

For every really funny moment with Ghost, Nolan North also brings a lot of emotion. He gives Ghost so much personality that it’s impossible to compare the character to any other fictional robot.

GLaDOS – Portal 2

poster for Portal featuring main characters GLaDOS and Chell

She started as the main antagonist of the first Portal but in Portal 2, GLaDOS goes through a character journey. When Wheatley takes over the Aperture facility, Chell ends up allying with GLaDOS, allowing the player to learn more about the strange artificial intelligence.

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GLaDOS ends up being more than just a murderous program, she was once a person and has a rather tragic story of how she became GLaDOS. At the end of Portal 2it’s a completely different character that the player feels invested in.

BT-7274 – Titanfall 2

BT-7274 gives Cooper a boost in Titanfall 2

Pilots in the distant future are linked to exoskeleton-like robots known as Titans. Jack Cooper is paired with a Titan designated BT-7274 and at first it looks like nothing more than a pilot talking to a basic computer program. However, during the Titanfall 2 campaign, Jack and BT form a bond.

This is due to the couple being psychologically bonded, which helps the pilot and his Titan work together on the battlefield.

Clank – Ratchet & Clank Series

Ratchet & Clank Rift apart from Clank

Clank is to Ratchet what Daxter is to Jak, the lovable sidekick who tends to get more of the spotlight than the main hero. Much like Daxter, the friendship between the titular Ratchet and Clank is believable as it continues to blossom over the various games in the franchise.

Unlike Daxter, Clank is a valuable asset and a friend who always comes in handy to Ratchet on their journey together. Clank is even self-sufficient thanks to his ability to take on enemies on his own when he’s not helping Ratchet. In many ways, Ratchet is the ultimate robot companion that kids and adults alike can love.

BD-1 – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Cal Kestis meets BD-1 on Bogano in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

After successfully creating the friendship between Cooper and BT in Titanfall 2Respawn Entertainment hit the nail on the head again with star wars. In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderCal Kestis forms a bond with a small droid named BD-1 and their friendship grows throughout the campaign.

One of BD-1’s best qualities is how cute he is, as he looks like a little puppy that’s always riding Cal’s shoulder, chirping and beeping. Even the way it slices through technology is adorably animated. However, like Clank, it is useful in gameplay as it provides healing boosts as well as helpful navigation.

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