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There’s probably no shortage of wonderful locations in the worlds of your favorite games, but some of the most underrated locations tend to be where you start those games. While you don’t always start directly in each town, most games expect you to at least visit a specific town to get your adventure off to a good start.

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Usually, the first city in video games serves as a source of information and tutorial of some sort. On occasion, this very town is crucial to the game‘s plot and can contain some pretty dark stuff. Either way, there are plenty of amazing starter cities that most people probably never wanted to leave.


ten Iselia – Symphony Tales

Starting Tales Of Symphonia in the sleepy village of Iselia is a great choice in a game filled with tons of great decisions. You meet a lot of the main cast in the first few moments while you’re attending school, and then you can walk around the village soon after.

The story of the village is a tragedy as it ends up being attacked and Lloyd is exiled from the village. You can eventually come back later, but for much of the game Lloyd isn’t welcome to set foot in the village thanks to his perceived role in attacking the village.

9 Firestone – Borderlands

Although Fyrestone is mostly empty of life, that doesn’t stop it from being a great first town in the Borderlands series. Who needs other people in town when you have the much-quoted Dr. Zed and the always irritating Claptrap.

In the first moments of the game, Fyrestone offers a lot to the player when it comes to learning the ropes. Some early battles with simple enemies all around the small town help you acclimate to combat, and exploring the town is a great way to learn traversal. The Weird Town is a great first step into the weird world of Borderlands.

8 Ordon Village – Twilight Princess

Some criticize the opening part of Twilight Princess for being a bit too long, but some think it’s the best-executed and most misunderstood Zelda opening ever. You spend time with Link and the villagers of Ordon as they all go about their daily lives.

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Link works as a herder, plays with the village children, and generally helps out. Once you learn the commands, it’s all ripped from you as the village is attacked and a number of people are taken by horrible creatures. A peaceful village turned upside down is a good start for an epic adventure.

7 Twilight City – Kingdom Hearts 2

Kingdom Hearts 2’s opening section is undeniably long, but it does a good job of making Twilight Town feel like a real place full of people. Traverse Town often felt empty, but that’s not the case here.

There’s plenty to do in the early sections of Twilight Town, and you even do a little back-to-town later on. It’s a long section, but it’s a good one that does a great job of introducing players to the game and some of its mechanics.

6 Toad City – Paper Mario

The beauty of Toad Town in Paper Mario is that it is constantly evolving and changing. The further you progress in the game, the more things there are to do in the sprawling city. The fun central city is one that even contains one of the game’s many dungeons.

Even walking around and talking to the various characters that fill the town can be fun on its own thanks to each character’s charisma. Toad Town is full of shops, rest houses, and even a dojo to test your strength and skills.

5 Leene Square – Chrono Trigger

When Chrono Trigger came out, most games starting towns were just a place to start the game and little more than that. Completely changing the landscape of the game, Chrono Trigger’s Leene Square is not only bustling and fun, but it’s also one of the most important locations in the game.

The game properly starts in Leene Square, and it’s also a place where you meet some of the game’s main characters. Apart from that, it’s filled with mini-games to play, and it’s also home to a milestone in the future. rebirth of a key party member.

4 Goodsprings – Fallout: New Vegas

It can often be difficult to nail down a starting town in an RPG due to the amount of ground to cover, but Goodsprings is a prime example of a great starting town. You learn a lot about the game world and immediately create your character to your liking.

Once that’s all settled, you’re more than welcome to explore the town, with a few different missions to do around the area. It’s a memorable way to experience the vast desert and the game’s various controls.

3 Riverwood – Skyrim

Although you don’t actually start in Riverwood, it’s one of the first towns most people encounter when playing Skyrim for the first time. In fact, you are basically guided to the town to initiate many of the game’s events.

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The small town is a great choice to introduce the world to how cities work. It’s filled with NPCs to talk to, things to buy, and quest events to experience. It’s also a good city to show off the understated beauty of Skyrim. It’s not a big city, but it is an idyllic city.

2 Clock Town – Majora’s Mask

The quality of Clock Town cannot be underestimated. The simple town isn’t that big, but it’s jam-packed with life and things to do. Realistically, a player could spend hours running around town to locate various NPCs who go about their daily schedules.

As the days of Majora’s Mask progress, the NPC dialogue begins to change in tragic ways. They know the moon is descending to destroy the city, and many heartbreaking stories bear witness to this.

1 City Palette – Pokemon

Most of the starting towns in the Pokemon franchise are pretty straightforward, but who could forget the very first one? With one of the most peaceful tracks in the Pokemon series, Pallet Town feels like the most idyllic little town possible.

No one can guess why one of their only exits is blocked by an area filled with dangerous Pokémon, but the small town and its friendly inhabitants make it a place that many Pokémon fans dream of visiting. Pallet Town is the true beginning of one of the most enduring adventures in all of gaming.

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