10 Little Glitches That Made You Hate Major Recent Video Games


Make even a simple good The video game is nothing short of a miracle – the result of hundreds of artists and programmers pooling their skills in tandem to create a dynamic work of art.

A great game, however, is a whole different beast, because creating an interactive experience that players want to lose themselves in for tens or even hundreds of hours requires an intangible collision of skill and luck.

Yet, as gamers, we’re a finicky bunch, and even the best-designed video game can be “ruined” for us by a small glitch or insignificant issue that really holds us back.

We all have our individual blocks and things that irritate us about modern game design, and in the case of these 10 recent video games, each dared to make their greatness irrelevant because of a little annoyance in the middle. .

Maybe a persistent graphical glitch kept you distracted on several occasions, there was a little too much dialogue, or the game for some reason lacked some basic quality-of-life feature you expect.

No game is perfect, and even when the developers come together, players will always find something to complain about. Case in point…

Now, Elden Ring certainly isn’t the only game guilty of this, but it’s the one that has pissed off countless PC gamers with it lately.

For reasons that aren’t clear, the PC version of FromSoftware’s otherwise amazing action-RPG doesn’t have a simple “Exit to Desktop” option in its menu.

Rather than hitting ESC and being able to quit the game with a single click, you’re forced to quit the main menu, sit through two splash screens, wait for the online connection to load, and only then can you finally quit the game.

It might take about 20 seconds to do what any PC game should let you do in a step or two – end the session and go on with the rest of your day.

It might sound like a nitpick – and, yes, that’s really what it is – but it’s also a minor annoyance that becomes deeply irritating once you’ve sunk dozens or even hundreds of hours in this thing over countless gaming sessions.

For such a wonderfully polished game, it’s an incredibly clunky piece of UI design.


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