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fans of The Big Bang Theory maybe enjoy Young Sheldon, but many miss the magic of the original sitcom. It was such a pleasure to watch Leonard, Sheldon and co. grow in their careers, with their relationships and as friends. But by the time the 12th season rolled around, viewers had seen all they could of the main characters.

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That’s why supporting characters were so important. Characters like Bert Kibbler and Zack Johnson were a breath of fresh air on screen and gave the group of friends new ways to interact and behave. Some of these supporting characters lasted a long time while others only appeared in a few episodes. Anyway, there were a few supporting players who were so memorable that they had the energy of the main character.


Bert Kibbler

Bert Kibbler and Amy Farrah Fowler in The Big Bang Theory

Somewhere in the timeline of Amy and Sheldon’s relationship, Amy started working at Caltech for a short time. While there, she met Bert, a geologist who was already friends with Leonard, Howard, Raj, and sometimes Sheldon.

Bert was incredibly tall and had a dry personality. He developed an instant crush on Amy but when that fell apart he took a liking to his friends. He joined Raj’s group, excelled at the job, and even stopped by Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment for dinner. Bert was different enough from the group to be an interesting addition to the main cast.

Mary Cooper

Mary Cooper was one of TBBT‘s best guest characters. As Sheldon’s mother, she appeared in different episodes, but not too often since she lived in Texas.

Mary’s religious background separated her from Sheldon and his friends, but it’s what made her a fun character to watch. His points of view were so contrasting that his scenes were among the funniest in nature. She stole the show with her one-liners and reactions.

Barry Kripke

The Big Bang Theory Barry Kripke in Sheldon's office

Viewers didn’t always get Barry Kripke’s rivalry with Sheldon, but it was fun to watch nonetheless. Like Sheldon, Barry was a physicist who also studied string theory. Unlike Sheldon, Barry was outgoing, liked women, and was somewhat ruthless.

Barry’s rivalry was fun to watch as his mere presence was enough to piss off Sheldon. As a secondary character, Barry started appearing more and more when Sheldon wanted to prove he was capable of having more friends. Barry’s confidence and interactions with the group made him a crowd pleaser.


Claire sits down and reads

Claire is a woman Raj met at the comic book store. Although Raj had a girlfriend at the time, he and Claire got along well and had a lot in common. Raj could actually be himself around her. The two started dating and fans were thrilled with her inclusion in the group.

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As always, Raj’s nervous energy ended the relationship, but seeing Claire with her friends proved how well she would have gotten along with Penny, Bernadette and Amy. She would have completed the group perfectly. Sadly, Claire’s last appearance was in Season 10, but her bold personality and strength gave her main character a boost.

Zack Johnson

The Big Bang Theory - Penny's Ex - Zack Johnson

In Season 3 of the Penny and Leonard relationship timeline, the two broke up and Penny found herself in the arms of Zack Johnson. Zack was the kind of guy Penny dated before Leonard: handsome but not the smartest.

Adorably, Zack loved Leonard and wanted to spend time with him and Sheldon. Although this made Penny uncomfortable, the guys welcomed her (with a few low blows to her intelligence along the way). Zack’s silly nature made him hilarious on screen and fans begged for more scenes of him as a foil to geniuses.

Janine Davis

Janine Davis is a character who deserved more screen time on TBBT. As HR director at Caltech, Janine had to intervene in the lives of Sheldon, Howard, Raj and Leonard when their behavior was inappropriate in the workplace. His time with Sheldon was particularly hilarious due to his inability to understand social normals.

With the guys spending so much time at work, Janine’s presence – and the hilarity as she explains why the guys can’t behave the way they do – is missed later in the series.


Denise arrives in season 11 when Stuart’s comic book store is doing well. He hired her as manager because he needed help running the business when it became popular overnight. Much to Sheldon’s chagrin, Denise knew the comics well and was the perfect employee.

Having a female character who loves games and comics as much as the guy was an intriguing addition to the series that fans loved. Denise’s best quotes on TBBT were when she was trying to teach Bernadette to play. Denise’s personality wasn’t as outgoing as some others, but it was her interests that made her a star.

Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton sits next to Sheldon holding a flag on TBBT

The best part about adding Wil Wheaton to the show was that he played himself like a proper actor. His friendship with the band grew over time, and he slowly became a respected member on game nights.

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Wil was much calmer and more balanced than Sheldon and Howard, which made for some iconic scenes. He often laughed at certain character quirks but seemed to enjoy his friendship with Leonard and Penny. Due to his star power, Wil was born to have the energy of the main character.

Stuart Bloom

stuart got a tan for a date with denise on the big bang theory

Stuart Bloom was a secondary character who became recurring due to his good relationship with the gang. As the owner of the comic book store they all frequented, Stuart enjoyed his banter with the guys. Eventually, they became close enough that Stuart began joining them for small get-togethers.

When Stuart was unlucky, he moved in with Howard and began appearing regularly. Her chemistry with Raj and her urgency to do whatever it takes to live with Howard made for incredible scenes.

Dr Beverly Hofstadter

Beverly Hofstadter in The Big Bang Theory

Beverly Hofstadter was Leonard’s mother who only appeared in episodes when he visited New Jersey. Beverly acts similar to Sheldon, which is what makes her such a fun character.

His intelligence and dry sense of humor stole most of the scenes. More than her personality, however, her only mother-son relationship with Leonard was complex and compelling. Whether she was catching up with Penny, getting to know her son, or talking science with Sheldon, Beverly had the energy of the main character.

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