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The witcher season two on Netflix released in mid-December, with fans keen to learn more about the show’s take on Geralt and Ciri. The first season proved difficult for some to follow, although it was well received, and fans of The witcher were just happy that their favorite video game book or series was being translated on TV. The witcher season two saw Geralt and Ciri taken to Kaer Morhen, the witcher’s dungeon, which fans were happy to see the series explore further. While season two has just released, season three is already in discussion, which bodes well for the future of the series.


The witcher season two brought a number of characters and locations that will be familiar to fans of the books and the games. While how much The witcher on Netflix is ​​based on the video game series is questionable, there are a number of aspects that gamers may have gained from watching the series that may sound familiar. Despite The witcher on Netflix not being based on video games, it includes a number of Easter eggs for fans of The witcher games to resume. Some are more obvious than others, but there are enough of them to keep fans on the lookout.

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The witcher’s medallion

In The witcher first season, fans of the game series were disappointed to learn that Geralt’s wolf medallion was styled differently than what players saw in the games. Whereas in The witcher game series, Geralt has a 3D wolf head around his neck, in the TV series it was more of a traditional two-dimensional medallion. However, by the end of episode two, eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed The witcher medallion from the game hanging on the medallion tree. It’s either a nice nod to the iteration of Geralt’s video game series, or interpreted as a confirmation of some of the more morbid fan theories surrounding the “bad” one. Witcher 3 end.

Swords from the video game series The Witcher

Witcher's sword 3

Swords in The witcher Another way to differentiate the series from video games is the Netflix series. In The witcher season one, fans noted that Geralt didn’t carry both of his swords on his back like he does in the video game. Instead, Geralt’s sword-carrying habits resembled Geralt’s in the books. However, in The witcher season two, video game fans may have noticed two particular swords on display in Kaer Morhen’s basement. These swords were clearly designed like Geralt’s silver and steel swords from video games, which was a nice Easter egg for fans.

The Witcher’s Netflix Guard

The Witcher 3 chopper

In episode four of The witcher season two fans of The witcher games may have noticed a familiar voice. In this episode, Dandelion meets a very opinionated Pier Warden who shares with Dandelion the flaws in his songs, including a confusing timeline and an obvious dragon reveal. Coincidentally, all of these complaints were The witcher the fans had pointed out in The witcher Netflix series. Aside from the dock guard voicing familiar talking points, it was his voice itself that may have caught the attention of fans of The Witcher 3. That’s because the actor playing this opinionated Dock Guard is the same one who voiced Cleaver in The Witcher 3.

The Yrden sign from season 2 of The Witcher

Geralt using Yrden in The Witcher3

Connect magic The witcher is a great feature of both books and video games, and likewise, Yrden is present in both iterations. However, Yrden in Netflix The witcher will be much more familiar to fans of The witcher Games. In the final battle against the Immortal Mother, Geralt uses Yrden as a magic trap. It looks a lot more like The witcher games like in the books, Yrden is a protection spell rather than an offensive spell. This is one of the more subtle references, although most of those who have played The witcher the games will resume the use of spells.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is out now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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