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Taking note of how beloved she is within the gaming community, Vanity Fair Italy released a major feature on Horizon Forbidden West’s Aloy.

The protagonist of Forbidden Horizon WestAloy was recently featured in the Italian magazine vanity lounge magazine – a very rare occurrence in the fashion world. west forbidden dropped on the PS4 and PS5 last week and has already had high praise. Much of that praise centers on Aloy herself, with iconic filmmaker John Carpenter even complimenting the actress who plays her.

Aloy, who returns as the protagonist after directing the story of the first Horizon Zero Dawn in 2017, is now part of the pantheon of iconic modern PlayStation characters. As the center of one of Sony’s best-selling new IPs, she has certainly established herself as a strong, likeable and charismatic fictional person, worthy of being among other popular characters such as Kratos, Ratchet and Ellie. Williams. Along with her respectable and loyal personality, she has a very memorable and unique appearance; there are very few female protagonists in video games, and even fewer who have red hair and freckles. Physical attributes like these have helped her make an impact on gamers, though some fans have overreacted to her slightly altered appearance in Forbidden Horizon West.


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Legendary fashion magazine vanity lounge seems to have taken notice of Aloy’s burgeoning icon status and decided to feature her in the magazine. As noticed Rant Gamethe Italian version of the publication placed the red-haired archer on the cover of the magazine, quoting her “austere appearance“as one of the aspects that sets her apart from other female characters in contemporary media. The feature details Aloy’s other unique characteristics, stating that “Aloy is neither a mother nor a wife, nor a supporting actor or helper, but a strong and courageous woman..” The feature’s writer, Ofmario Manca, also spoke with Forbidden Horizon West producer Angie Smets, who told the magazine that the developers took pride in creating a likeable character.

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If the countless Forbidden Horizon West cosplays haven’t convinced gamers that Aloy is a beloved and iconic character, so this vanity lounge appearance might. The gaming landscape has been dominated by male characters for decades and while many of these characters are great on their own, it’s always good to see more diversity in video games. Strong, well-written female characters like Aloy, Ellie Williams and Celestial‘s Madeline will hopefully encourage other developers to move away from making games strictly about straight white males.

Gender aside, gamers certainly have a deep affection for Aloy’s character. Her grit and optimism have impressed gamers from all walks of life and will likely continue to do so as more consumers get their hands on the game. Only time will tell where Aloy will go next. Forbidden Horizon Westbut I hope it will be a good place.

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Source: Vanity Fair (via Game Rant)

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