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About 100 gamers gathered at the Archie Browning Sports Center in Esquimalt on Saturday to showcase their video game skills during the Mayham Smash Tourney and Expo.

The event is the first held under a partnership between Vancouver Island Smash and Heavy Hitters Esports, and one of the first in-person video game competitions held on the island since the pandemic.

“It’s a celebration of esports on the island,” said Vancouver Island Smash co-host Brady Chan. “Usually we’ve done this as a basic thing, so it’s nice that we finally have more esports-level events… it feels good. It’s something I’m trying to evolve for a few years now. Everyone here is loving it and having a great time.

The move to a bigger, more organized and even sponsored event is due to the partnership with Heavy Hitters Esports.

“Our corporate mandate is to do this with the community and for the community, so that’s fantastic,” said Troy Taylor, “End Boss” (CEO) at Heavy Hitter Esports. “We’re learning as we go, building the plane as we fly so to speak. The next one will be stuffy, and the one after that even more so.

Taylor said that while some people think video games are just a hobby, there are more opportunities than ever to make a career out of it thanks to competition and a growing number of teams and leagues. professionals. Heavy Hitters hopes to establish the amateur league which will allow players to participate in these career-level events.

Saturday saw players compete in Super Smash Bros Melee and Ultimate games, while Sunday will also feature competitions in Guilty Gear: Strive and Mario Cart 8 Deluxe. Prices cap at $400.

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