Birthday: the father of video games would have been 100 today

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As noted by our friends at Retronauts (and many more), today marks what would have been the 100th birthday of the man many call the father of video games, Ralph Baer. It’s hard to say, but without Baer’s work as the inventor and pioneer who developed the first home video game console with the Magnavox Odyssey, the industry would look very different today.

Born in Germany on March 8, 1922, Baer and his family moved to America when he was a teenager. Baer enrolled in the National Radio Institute as a radio service technician and graduated in 1940. Just three years later, he was drafted into the army to fight in World War II. , where he served in military intelligence.

When the war ended, Baer enrolled at the American Television Institute of Technology and in 1949 graduated with a degree in television engineering.

Baer has a long history within the electronics industry, with its many inventions paving the way for console and home gaming. His Brown Box was one of his first creations, which started out as a humble idea to just play games on a TV. Which seems to have made its way! Except, you know, when playing in handheld mode.

In 2006, Baer donated many of his prototypes and documents to the Smithsonian Institution, but he never stopped building and playing with electronics. His designs go beyond mere inspiration and innovation in many aspects of the video game industry, but we’re sure many who love technology and video games in particular will celebrate his life today. today.

We paid tribute to Baer when he passed away in 2014, covering some of his incredible creations, including the machine that inspired Atari’s Pong machine, which ultimately earned him his now famous nickname ” The father of video games“.


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