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Sustainable denim brand Citizens of Humanity upholds the axiom that women’s rights are human rights. And through its special charity merchandise capsule soon to be launched with I am a vote, a non-partisan organization dedicated to “creating cultural change” around voting and civic engagement, shoppers can support women’s right to Choose.

Designed in response to the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v. Wade, Citizens of Humanity has partnered with I am a vote to encourage voter response and women’s empowerment, a collaboration that resulted in a limited-edition capsule consisting of a minimalist milky white T-shirt and sweatshirt. hood.

Amy Williams, executive director of Citizens of Humanity, told WWD: “Now more than ever, we want to help connect the impact of our votes to the issues that matter. A woman’s ability to make choices about her own body is an important example.

T-shirt I am a Citizen of Humanity voter. Image courtesy of Citizens of Humanity.

Inspiration for simple capsule graphic design derived from signage held at a Roe v. Wade. “We came across this powerful photo of a Roe v. Wade with a circular sign that read “Keep Abortion Legal,” made iconic by the National Organization for Women. We wanted to pay tribute to this sign that has since become such a symbol of the pro-choice movement.

Williams added: “Whenever we approach designing an item of clothing to support an organization working for a great cause, we always want to make sure we keep it wearable and simple, so that’s more on message.”

Scheduled to release on July 28, Friend Sign-In Day – a day dedicated to checking in with friends to make sure they’re registered to vote – 100% of the retail price of each piece sold will be donated directly to I am a voter. The organization said its work aims to unify “around one central truth: our democracy works best when we all participate.” The capsule collection will be available exclusively on

Citizens of Humanity

Image courtesy of Citizens of Humanity.

I Am A Voter’s approach to brand and retail partnerships revolves around a two-way dialogue centered on inspiration and meaningful connection. Natalie Tran, executive director of the CAA Foundation and co-founder of I Am A Voter, told WWD that her network partners are “some of the most trusted and influential brands and retailers in the business world.”

“We work with them to provide civic tools, but ultimately they know their audience best, what motivates them, and how to connect with them,” Tran said. “Together, we’re working to infuse civic participation into popular culture, and through the power of brands and talent, we can create cultural change and increase voter turnout for this year’s midterm elections.”

For her #RegisterAFriendDay mission, Tran said attendees can text “friends” to 26797 and the organization will provide the information needed to deliver the message.

“We have so many great collaborations coming up with our partners and we can’t wait for you to see them. of your vote.


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