Diablo Immortal’s Record Revenues Show Dark Future for Video Games as Blizzard Thrives with Pay-to-Win Features


For many, Diablo Immortal should be considered a major failure by Blizzard. At the time of writing, the game has the lowest rating of all time on Metacritic. However, whatever decision might have backfired on Blizzard in terms of fan perception, it seems to have worked in terms of revenue. Plus, it could set a bad precedent in terms of future games to come.

Activision Blizzard’s paid game Diablo Immoral, whose executives have encouraged or overlooked harassment and misconduct for years, has generated $24M in sales, 8.5M downloads in 2 weeks on mobile. 43% of revenues come from the United States. 23% from South Korea.pocketgamer.biz/news/78994/dia…

One of the main reasons Diablo Immortal has received such a negative reception is due to its microtransactions. Blizzard stayed true to their word by not offering any gear in the store. Unfortunately, the move has been made redundant as players can obtain Legendary Gems.

All the negativity is associated with this move, but it looks like Blizzard’s goal has been achieved in the first two weeks.

Despite massive reviews, Diablo Immortal generates gigantic revenue in first two weeks

Multiple reports show that Blizzard has earned over $24 million from Diablo Immortal since the game’s release. This is quite shocking, considering only Hearthstone has earned more, despite having been active since 2014.

The results are worrying for two main reasons. Most revenue comes from US players, although they are not the most populous player base. The main reason to criticize Diablo Immortal is how Legendary Gems can be obtained for real money. Additionally, they can be obtained from legendary crests and are locked behind a gacha.

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The pity rate for getting a 5-Star Legendary Jewel is over $100, and players will need more than one if they want to max out their character strengths. Revenues clearly show whether or not players agree with the system.

In an ideal world, Blizzard could have followed the same pattern it did with games like Diablo III and others. Under such a system, players would be required to pay a one-time fee to purchase the game. However, the publishers’ vision of making Diablo Immortal free is clear, and the results are known.

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The problem could become serious in the future if other developers and publishers start thinking along the same lines. Spending large sums to beat a gacha is bad practice; in this case, gacha can directly affect gameplay. Players who spend money on legendary gems will always have better characters.

The modern era has seen more and more games adopt the free-to-play model. While publishers lose upfront revenue, the model makes any game highly accessible.

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This seems to be the philosophy of many developers and publishers today. Microtransactions may not always be bad, but Diablo Immortal shows that companies can avoid bad practices. Despite the implementation of a pay-to-win formula, players are ready to spend. What sounds pretty scary is the fact that this could become an industry-wide practice in the near future.

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