Dorian’s $14M funding round will enhance its female-facing gaming platform


When Dorian announced a $3.25 million funding round in 2020, founder Julia Palatovska discussed his plan to create a platform that would blend the interactive storytelling of Episode with the social gaming dynamics of Roblox. Two years later, Dorian has a budding community, so now is the time for Palatovska and co. to move on to the next stage of funding. The self-proclaimed “gaming platform for female and diverse creators” has announced a $14 Million Series A Round led by the Raine Group.

Unlike many other digital gaming platforms, where male-dominated communities are the norm, Dorian prides itself on serving a user base that identifies almost entirely as women. The platform allows its users to create choose-your-own games based on new or existing fiction. These games can then be streamed with friends and collaborators. Here’s a video from Dorian’s YouTube channel that shows the app in action:

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The Dorian community, whose 250 creators include Lady in the Library and Regina Stories, has collectively turned 3,500 tales into interactive games. The platform now offers monetization opportunities on this content, and many users have taken advantage of it. Some Popular Dorian Streamers Reportedly Earn Up to $15,000 per year thanks to direct fan contributions.

Now that he has his Series A money in hand, Dorian can focus on making his experience even more user-friendly. “The expression of creative energy on our platform over the past twelve months has been incredible,” Palatovska said. “We moved quickly to nurture new talent by giving them the tools to turn fiction into games, host interactive social media live streams, and improve their craft based on player feedback and advanced data insights. which are available for free to all Dorian creators. And now, with creators on every continent, we are already seeing pro-level work from amateur teams around the world.

Beyond the Raine group, other participants in Dorian’s Series A include March Games, London Venture Partners, VGames, Gaingelsand Graham & Walker. The company’s full list of investors also includes Night Media, the management company known for its work with some of YouTube’s biggest stars.

The Dorian app is available through the App Store and Google Play.


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