Female revealing outfits from Lost Ark will not be removed; Offer alternatives instead


Amazon Games shares a statement regarding Lost Ark’s revealing female outfits and gendered classes.

In a statement sent to media outlet Eurogamer, Soomin Park, head of the Amazon Games franchise, explains how they will be making adjustments to female outfits in Lost Ark. Some Western players complained that there were really revealing costumes for the characters, which bothered them. They wanted to know if these were going to be changed or even removed.

Park was firm that the game developers won’t be making any changes to the game’s original costumes. initial character creation. Costumes can still be found in-game through early drops.

“We’re also including in some new outfit options that aren’t as revealing, but that’s an addition, not a replacement,” Park explains.

“As we are aware of the balance between hardcore fans who want a Lost Ark experience close to the original Korean version and newer players who may not like the current armor and costume options, we are adding outfits and in-game alternatives instead of removing options.

For gender-locked classes, Park assures that the opposite-sex version of a class will roll out over time. Classes are closely related to character models in terms of function and animation, so it can’t happen overnight. According to him, just creating the opposite-sex version model won’t make it work.

“However, Smilegate RPG is actively working on this; Female Berserker is the next class coming to Korea. Although not all classes in the game currently have male and female counterparts available, we have made an effort to include those that have them in our range of launch classes.

“In the future, Smilegate RPG will create more counterparts for classes that are still gender locked, and we will bring them to Arkesia in time.”

Players will have to get used to the character models for a while if this is the case, as Amazon Games can only wait for Smilegate RPG in South Korea to make adjustments.

Lost Ark is now available on PC.


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