Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z reportedly leaked crossover to add skins, quests and more


The latest version of Fortnite v21.30 comes with lots of exciting and new content for players to enjoy and play. With the successful addition of naruto cosmetic skins, epic games are adding more anime characters to the game. As the leaks seem to confirm, Fortnite will see the crossover coming with Dragon Ball Z for creating a bit of hype for anime fans. Fans are really excited and eagerly waiting for their favorite anime character skins to witness Dragon Ball Z

Fortnite is apparently working on character skins for Goku, Vegeta and Beerus

As recent leaks confirm, Fortnite will apparently add four skins referencing the famous animated series DBZ. Out of these 4 skins, 3 skins are confirmed with the next one DBZ crossing in Fortnite .

The fourth skin in the collaboration has not yet been confirmed, chances are it will be a female character. The latest leaks also revealed that there will be upcoming weekly challenges for the Dragon Ball Z cooperation for seven whole weeks. It would be the biggest collaboration ever Fortnite and how does he talk epic games worked hard to make this collaboration for a long time.

The leaks also confirm that the crossover of DBZ in Fortnite will have quests consisting of a beach umbrella setup which basically refers to a lot of things like the House Kame, Bulma Where Beer. New mythic abilities are also apparently to be added like the special “Kamehameha» ability to Goku who has already made the buzz Goku Fans. According to sources, all of this content was leaked on Dragon Ball Z crossover.

  • 4 DBZ character skins (Goku, Vegeta, Beerus & 99% female skin)
  • A unique event screen in the lobby
  • LOTS of quests
  • Free Rewards
  • A “capsule” article in BR & Creative
  • A special place called “Preheat”
  • Glider “Attack Ball”

Fortnite: Dragon Ball Z attack pods will arrive as gliders

In resemblance to the animated series of Dragon Ball Zthe Attack Pods of Dragon Ball Z will arrive as Gliders in Fortnite. Version v21.30 will arrive with a glider texture referencing the Attack Pods in Dragon Ball Z

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