FromSoftware employees report poor working conditions and low pay


FromSoftware employees have reported poor wages and working conditions with issues dating back more than a decade.

First spotted by The playerthe reports were posted on popular job sites, Career Connection.

The developer currently has a 2.6 out of 5.0 star rating on the site. Employees rated the company 2.2 for job satisfaction, 1.9 for compensation and 2.6 for stress management. Along with this, the company was also rated 4.2 for Workplace Intensity.

Reports also state that the average annual income is only 3.4 million Japanese yen, which is around £22,000. Since the company is based in Tokyo which has a very high cost of living, this is a particularly low annual income.

Ring Elden. Credit: FromSoftware

In a comment, a programmer also explained that “the amount of compensation is very low compared to the workload”. Employees also reported working 40 overtime hours per month on average.

In particular, working conditions for women appear to be worse. “There are no special treatments for pregnancy and childcare,” one designer explained. “Most employees who are about to give birth are expected to leave the company,” she notes. Another post suggested that “it appears there has been sexual harassment in the past” but added that “as there are extremely few women, I think the male employees are quite cautious”.

While other posts suggested there was “a lot of enthusiasm for gaming” within the company, the more negative comments are cause for concern. In the past, companies like Activision Blizzard have had serious issues with their working environment. Additionally, Ubisoft Singapore was under investigation after allegations of sexual harassment.

FromSoftware is currently benefiting from the success of Ring of Elden which sold the fastest souls game ever.

In other gaming news, the creator of KirbyMasahiro Sakurai won the Most Valuable Creator Award at the Famitsu Dengeki Awards.


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