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Game development is an area that is often presumed to be dominated by men, although today we see many female game developers who have been instrumental in creating some of the most successful game titles and franchises. appreciated in history.

Seema Datar

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And today we got to interact with a coder who entered the game development world while taking a break from her career as a software developer and raising her son and ultimately developing Sway Bods – a smartphone game. for kids on Android and iOS – Meet Seema Datar.

AI engineer by the week, game developer at the weekend

Seema Datar works as Senior AI / ML Engineer at Ericsson. She holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a master’s degree in computer science from Washington St. Louis University. However, in her spare time, she recently worked on game development., “It’s not like I’m just coding in my spare time,” says Seema, “Free time is hard to find because I have two kids and they are a handful! However, I love to create games in my spare time and there is a lot more to do besides coding.

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Follow his passion while raising children

Seema revealed how passionate she had always been about video games, from the early days of Prince of Persia, however, the idea of ​​getting into game development while taking a break from her career as a software engineer raising his son, “I’ve always been passionate about video games (from ‘Prince of Persia’). I had to take a career break when my son was one year old.

She added, “This break gave me the opportunity to try things that I was passionate about, including games and game development. Additionally, having spent much of my career as a software engineer has helped me meet programming needs in game development.

female game developer
SwayBods: Google Play Store

Create your first game: SwayBods

During this hiatus, she developed Sway Bods – a casual puzzle game involving swaying fish where the player’s task is to collect the stars without crushing them.. Seema explains his idea behind the game: “SwayBods is a game unlike any other game that offers unique and original gameplay inspired by pendulums. In addition, it contains 100 handcrafted levels with gradually increasing difficulty levels.

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She added: “Watching people play SwayBods, the typical reaction is a smile when they see the monsters collide, which is a pleasure. Having been created / conceptualized by a woman (and the artwork also performed by a woman), I see women of all ages enjoying the game! ”

His most recent creation is a game dubbed ColorGobble which was released on Google Play Store and App Store last week.

female game developer
Seema Datar

Make your children testers for your games

Seema revealed that initially she would not allow her children to use video games and how that perception changed when she got into game development: “I wouldn’t let my kids download games or download games. play games on devices to avoid them game development. Now my kids are my first team of testers and I get the first level back from them!

What motivates her to move forward

Seema revealed that while working on game development, she followed three guiding principles to help her succeed: lifelong learning, treating failure as feedback and persistence.

Throughout the game’s development experience, she shared what brought her the most satisfaction: “being able to create a product on my own, being forced to step out of my comfort zone by playing all the roles that the work requires and the learning that I had. through this trip, everything to cherish! “

She added that her biggest motivation was the feedback she received from people who played these games: “I love making games and with games the feedback is very quick and almost immediate. It’s very satisfying to see someone playing my game or struggling to complete a level.

Encourage more women to enter the game development field

Seema shared that today over 40 percent of game players are women, 24 percent of the game developer population are women. Seema says, “This is very close to a representation of women in the tech industry in general. There is a significant gap in the percentage of women pursuing STEM degrees compared to men. “

She added, “We need to encourage more women to pursue STEM studies, encourage diversity in the workplace at all levels, including more women in the hiring pipeline, and help women return to work after a career. pause. I work in the tech industry myself and see a lot of steps being taken to improve diversity in different ways.


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