George RR Martin says video games are bigger than movies


Game of Thrones creator and Elden Ring writer George RR Martin wrote in a new blog post that he believes video games are bigger than movies.

Game of thrones creator and Ancient ring writer George rr martin said he thinks games are even bigger than movies now. Although George RR Martin is widely known for his literary works, he was heavily involved in the HBO adaptation of Game of thrones and helped build the world of Ancient ring. The acclaimed author knows a thing or two about the entertainment industry after all these years, which makes him quite a reputable expert on the subject.

Although he admits he doesn’t avidly play games, George RR Martin has been working on Ancient ring to help FromSoftware expand its rich world. The writer is known for his ability to create long stories of fictional worlds and make them feel lived. Its comprehensive level of detail has allowed HBO to organically create spinoffs for Game of thrones thanks to the stories that exist in the wide world he created. Will it be the same for Ancient ring remains to be seen, but Martin has a great deal of respect for the gaming industry.


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In a new blog post, George RR Martin noted that he believes video games are bigger than movies and take just as long to create. George RR Martin also praised Ancient ring, noting how he thought it looked amazing. While his work is only a small part of the game as a whole, it’s an important part that will set the tone for the world players will spend dozens of hours in. That his work experience on Ancient ring will lead him to lend his skills to future games is unknown, but he seems to see the impact of the medium.

elden ring fascinates george rr martin

Nevertheless, Martin is not wrong in his assessment of the industry. Gambling has eclipsed many other forms of entertainment because of the sheer amount of money it brings, the interactive element, and its often universal nature. This was especially noticeable in 2020 when the pandemic caused Hollywood to delay many of its films, find other forms of content to show on streaming services, and more. The gaming industry has continued to thrive, although some titles have been delayed.

George RR Martin’s work on Ancient ring shows how the tides are turning for the game. Actors, renowned writers and others outside the industry seek to be a part of the game in one way or another. Whether or not a great Hollywood director decides to go ahead and direct a true AAA game remains to be seen. Some movie legends like Steven Spielberg and Guillermo del Toro have done great things in the gaming industry, but haven’t quite brought their directing skills to the interactive medium themselves.

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