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Free Fire has developed an event called She Plays Free Fire to celebrate the presence of female gamers in the gaming world. The event has different subcategories, one of which features a female character for free.

Of the 15 female characters in Free Fire, 13 are offered for free. Players will need to log into the Battle Royale game today, January 29 (until 3:59 am IST, January 30), and they can claim a character for free.

How to Claim a Free Fire Female Character at No Cost

Users can claim female characters for free (Image via Free Fire)
Users can claim female characters for free (Image via Free Fire)

Step 1: Mobile players will need to log into the game and head to the events section via the Calendar icon.

2nd step: They need to go to the “She Plays Free Fire” section and press “Get Free Character”.

Step 3: Users can choose any character of their preference by clicking the yellow icon next to it.

Step 4: They must press “Claim”.

Available characters and why players should choose them

Here are the reasons for the selection of the following female characters in Free Fire:

Xayne- Players who like aggressive gameplay should select this character as she can destroy gloo walls and restore HP.

Dasha- It is a great choice for beginners as it helps reduce weapon recoil and damage from drops.

Kapella- She is one of the most underrated characters players should use in Clash Squad or Battle Royale matches, as her ability revolves around allies.

Steffie- Aggressive users can choose this active character as it reduces explosive damage and bullet damage.

Notora – Players who frequently use vehicles to move around the map can choose this character to restore their HP.

Shani- Since the character restores armor durability after every kill, it is best suited for mobile players with an aggressive playstyle.

A124 – This passive character helps convert EP to HP and paired with Agent Hop to become an invaluable asset to aggressive users.

Laura- Beginners and sniper enthusiasts can choose this character because his ability increases accuracy when aiming.

Moco- Mobile players who like to rush at their enemies can use this passive character as she helps mark enemies.

Caroline- She can be chosen by players who use shotguns.

Micha- Users who enjoy driving to distract enemies should opt for Misha as it reduces damage taken while inside a vehicle and increases car speed.

Nikita- Users who frequently use machine guns can choose this character.

Olivier- She is best suited for Clash Squad and BR group games as her ability revolves around reviving her teammates.

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