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Screenshot of Senate Zoom hopeful and Democratic Rep. Conor Lamb spoke to county voters on a Zoom call on Saturday afternoon

Statewide candidates continue to pitch to county voters.

On Saturday, the local Democratic Party hosted a Zoom call with Senate hopeful and current Rep. Conor Lamb.

“I think the Senate race is critically important,” he said, noting the range of issues where Democrats lost a vote or two between voting rights legislation and minimum wage to build back better.

Lamb went a step further and suggested that the election is a “a crucial test of our ability to protect our democracy. Trump and all his minions will come here and tell all their toxic lies” in an attempt to govern from a minority position.

“We have an important task to accomplish” he said, not only to address the “material needs of Pennsylvanians” corn “I’m really trying to do something big for the whole country.”

Lamb told county voters he has already voted on many of these issues in the House and highlighted his experience in the 17th congressional district, which currently includes parts of Allegheny and Butler and all of Beaver counties. .

He said former President Trump won his district by 19 points, but his approach was to “take over” partisan and focused on the basic needs of families.

“I know what it’s like to step out into the spotlight on (in) difficult circumstances and win,” he said. “That’s what we have to do. We are not protecting this democracy if we do not have a winning candidate with a winning strategy.

This winning strategy? Talk about “wallet problems” Lamb said, on a wide range of issues, including allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, retirement and student loans.

He would argue for “lower costs for all these families where we can”, he added. “Republicans are going to criticize us on rising gas prices. They’re high all over the world. Same goes for groceries, cars. In the meantime, we can make sure every family in our state pays less for prescription drugs, student loans.”

Lamb says it’s “very important to listen to people” if you want to represent them and he has promised to visit every county every year if he is elected to the Senate in order “People can tell me what they want me to work on.”

He said he represented rural ridings during his tenure in the House.

“What I hear from them, a lot about infrastructure, money for development”, said Lamb. “Warren County is like that too. You have your own ideas… (and) what you need is investment capital” on issues ranging from water systems, internet, roads to housing.

“You know what’s best for you” he says, saying rural Pennsylvania needs a voice in Washington. “I would do that statewide.”

Lamb said a “more in a hurry” the problem is now “rural hospitals and the services they provide. Many of them have rolled back many essential services. I think we need, coming out of the pandemic, a bailout bill for rural hospitals nationwide.

The Democratic primary is hotly contested, highlighted by Lamb, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman and State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta.

The question posed by a voter was therefore simple: why should he vote Lamb?

He suggested that the primary is to determine “who can go out and win this thing in November.”

“What I think is different from me than from others” he said, those were three general election wins against Republicans that former President Trump campaigned for.

He said “Enough different types of voters were willing to support me for me to win in these difficult circumstances. (I am) also someone who is with you on all fundamental issues.

He added that he does not consider Zoom to be a “replacement to come in person” and says he is watching “can’t wait to get out of your way.”

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