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The Dubai Businesswomen’s Council recently concluded a series of seminars, training workshops and business meetings that addressed critical topics and addressed the needs of businesswomen and entrepreneurs.

More than 250 businesswomen attended the DBWC events held in June, which addressed women’s mental and emotional health, fundamental business skills and how they can increase their productivity at work.

The council also announced that it was ready to launch a series of events and initiatives focused on improving women’s competitiveness in the labor market and building their capacities and skills.

The health and wellness conference will be one of the major events organized by the DBWC to help business women adopt healthy and healthy lifestyle practices that would relieve them from work and daily stress.

The conference will also help women entrepreneurs pursue and adapt to their professional lives and achieve personal and professional success. It will include interactive workshops and discussions that will review best practices, strategies and experiences in the health and human development sectors. The event will also highlight how crucial it is to take good care of your health in order to lead a balanced and successful life.

The conference will be followed by another major event called “DBWC Masterclass for SME Leaders” on “New Business Opportunities to Grow and Succeed – Identify Your Why and How”. The event will empower women entrepreneurs in business, inform them of opportunities for growth and success, and discuss how best to take advantage of these opportunities.

Nadine Halabi, DBWC Business Development Manager, said the council looks forward to broadening the skills of female entrepreneurs and enhancing their professional and personal experiences to help them realize their business aspirations and dreams. She pointed out that the many events organized by the DBWC have been instrumental in empowering women and enhancing their competitive advantage.

“Over the coming period, the council will organize a series of events addressing various themes that relate to the business world and will foster a culture of self-development among women entrepreneurs,” Halabi said, adding that the membership to the board gives all members the right to participate exclusively in these events.

Last month’s activities included a training workshop on mental and emotional health organized in collaboration with Mind Resilience Training. The workshop discussed how female entrepreneurs can use mental wellness to address business and interpersonal challenges. The session has been designed to fuel individual energy, productivity, encourage learning and adaptability to change, as well as reinforce positive thinking and behavior patterns.

Additionally, the DBWC hosted an exclusive session for its members to explore the art of effective communication, entitled “What’s Your Point”. The session focused on the art of asking the right questions strategically in order to lead a meaningful conversation in both public and private contexts.

Created in 2002, under the aegis of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the DBWC is the official representative organization of businesswomen, professionals and entrepreneurs in the emirate of Dubai. It aims to support businesswomen and entrepreneurs in Dubai taking their first steps into the business world.


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