PlayStation lawsuit alleging discrimination against women was mostly dismissed by court

  • Emma Majo, a former PlayStation IT employee, filed a lawsuit in November 2021, claiming that “Sony tolerates and cultivates a work environment that discriminates against female employees.”
  • Eight other women came forward in March 2022 to add their names to the lawsuit.
  • The lawsuit was dismissed by the US District Court in Northern California.

A lawsuit previously filed against Sony by a former PlayStation employee, alleging gender discrimination and sexist treatment, was mostly dismissed.

As first reported by Axios, the United States District Court in Northern California has dismissed most of the claims in a lawsuit filed against Sony by former PlayStation IT employee Emma Majo in November 2021.

Majo was joined by eight other women in March 2022, while Sony lawyers tried to have the lawsuit dismissed, saying that “despite the breadth of her lawsuit, the allegations in which SIE categorically denies, [Majo] fails to plead facts to support its individual claims or the claims of the broad categories of women it seeks to represent. »

The judge added that “for example, she does not describe her work or how her work was substantially equal to the work of any man allegedly paid more than she was paid”.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Laurel Beeler specifically dismissed 10 of the 13 complaints that related to discrimination and harassment, stating that “This complaint is dismissed because the complainant merely recited the elements of the complaint and did not allege any specific fact”.

With this in mind, Majo is allowed to modify its claims and try again later. The judge noted that the claims made by the other women could influence the trial and “could give rise to new allegations”.

At the time the other eight women advanced allegations, Kara Johnson, a former program manager, said: “I think Sony is not equipped to handle toxic environments properly.”


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