Pokemon Legends Arceus Hasn’t Even Released, But People Want His Pokemon To Step On Them


Lady Dimitrescu was a gaming highlight of 2020, the Resident Evil domed mom who drove the internet crazy, but who will take that mantle in 2022? Looks like Pokemon is already throwing its hat in the ring.

“With these big Pokemon in Arceus, we are about to enter the ‘plz step on me’ era,” tweeted Twitch partner GamesCage alongside one of the giants Gardevoir. You might think Pokemon are unfortunate animals fighting for the entertainment of trainers across the fictional world, but there are a handful of fandoms who simp for these creatures. Gardevoir is a very sought after mon for this and Arceus is leaning even more into it by making them giant.


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In GamesCage’s tweet, you can see Gardevoir standing nearly double the size of the trainer with a huge head to complete the package. But GamesCage clarifies that they have nothing for the ‘mon: “I’m scared. Not excited. Make no mistake about it,” GamesCage added. “Even aside, this is going to be fun as hell. I want to find a giant Mudkip.”

Gardevoir Pokemon Unite Attacker

In the answers you can see how big the ‘mons get in Arceus – Bidoof is huge, bordering on the size of a cow if you had to put it into perspective with the real world. They are not a small rodent like they might have appeared in Diamond and Pearl – Bidoof is big. And it looks like we can expect that kind of size from most Arceus mons.

But Dimitrescu was an accidental hit. Capcom didn’t plan for her to become an internet phenomenon, but an internet phenomenon she has become. It seems like the one thing everyone could coalesce about in 2021 was a shared love for a big, strong female character, who turned into a dragon and tried to eat us sure, but a strong female character nonetheless.

However, these images are from Arceus leaks as the game was released to the public a bit early. It’s so bad it’s streaming in full on Twitch while some copies are being sold on eBay. There isn’t long until launch, however, as you can play Arceus in just four days. Get ready for big, intimidating, and comically tall mons.

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