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The Pong video game celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. The rules are simple. It’s ping pong, so you and another person each control an on-screen paddle – hit a ball back and forth and try to avoid missing it for a higher score.

Pong and the Odyssey board were the first two games widely available to gamers when they were released in 1972. While other electronic games were available before Pong, it is often considered the first video game experience for people. which involved a television screen. with a controller.

UW-Milwaukee English professor Michael Newman tells more about the impact of Pong and the many video games that followed.

“It was the first successful game, the first popular game. Legend has it that the first Pong was put in a northern California tavern and it stopped working because it was packed” , he shares.

After the success of Pong, other similar games followed, such as Space Invaders and Astroids. And after 50 years of Pong, it’s still a classic.

Even though the graphics are simple, there’s an appeal to the simplicity the game offers. “Simplicity can be great. You know, it makes sense that you want it to be accessible to people. I think that lasts In fact, a lot of video games have managed to have that kind of appeal,” says Newman.


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