STOGA introduces MK25 Pudding Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with special features for its valued users.


Stoga, a gaming hardware products company from China, recently launched a 61-key pudding mechanical keyboard. The keyboard comes with multiple features and amazing performance. It is making waves among its consumers.

Stoga is a Chinese company specializing in gaming hardware products. is a consumer dedicated gaming peripheral website under Stoga. The company aims to provide women with exquisite products to have visual enjoyment in and out of the game.

Pink represents youth, softness and beauty. The team of experts behind the Stoga hopes that its high-end products will allow customers to feel totally immersed in a dreamlike feeling during the game.

The founders of Stoga started as an online retailer with dreams, inspirations and feelings. They started with the sobering question, “What do women want? What do women need? What can I do for women to make their lives better and easier? That’s what manufacturers have strived to do since conception.

Stoga products have the portable keyboard, RGB backlit keyboard, Type-C plug and play and strong compatibility. In the recent development, for its consumer feasibility, Stoga technical analysts have come up with an exclusive launch of their new product named 61-Key Mechanical Pudding key-cap Keyboard. The premium keyboard was designed with convenient features that make users comfortable and speed up their work.

The keyboard has many features and benefits:

61-key RGB backlight – The keyboard is designed with 61 keys. It is a fully independent RGB lighting design with unique pudding touches. Each 256-level PWM LED lamp, delicate and soft, with a variety of cool lighting effects. Moreover, it adds color to the game and supports full keyboard backlight customization.

Excellent performance – Stoga is also a game player. They understand the needs of the user. STOGA Pudding gaming keyboard offers high-performance Byk816 Mcu design, full-speed USB communication protocol to meet the speed requirements of competitive games, supports USB online update.

Ergonomics Comfort Durability – STOGA collected different data for research and created the most ergonomic keyboard for users. STOGA wired keyboard adopts international quality and high quality 1.6mm Fr-4 double-layer PCB so that the high effect can be used for persistent overwork.

Exquisite appearance and portable carrying – The STOGA wired compact mini mechanical keyboard has a simple exterior design and is inspired by traditional aesthetics. It has gorgeous ABS pudding keys and copper wire. It has a Type-C design and is easy to plug in and carry.

Wide compatibility – STOGA gaming keyboard can be the perfect match with Windows series, compatible with Android, Linux, IOS and other operating systems and gaming PC.

Stoga brings a compact keyboard that works for both Windows and Mac OS. For Mac OS, users need to configure the keyboard type at first login. It comes with a Type-C cable as it is a wired keyboard. It also offers a small keyboard that slips easily into the laptop bag if customers want to take it with them.

For more information and to purchase their unique products, head to the website. The community can be reached on Facebook.

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