The most powerful electricity-manipulating characters in video games


Electricity is perhaps one of the craziest and most powerful elements in video games. It’s channeled in bolts, enemy-to-enemy chains, and can even be called down from the sky for massive damage. Those with finer control of it can channel it into physical feats, play with electrical machinery, and sometimes revive the dead through ad hoc defibrillation.

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There are few electricitybenders in the games, but those of them that are there are forces to be reckoned with. The strongest of them are powers or even gods, and if you mess with one of these guys, you might end up like a pair of steaming shoes.


Even without his power over electricity, Metal Gear Solid 3’s main antagonist is both a champion boxer and a skilled, albeit sadistic, soldier. But with his ability to generate and control 10 million volts of electricity, he’s far more dangerous than your average commander. His power allows him certain wild abilities, such as being supernaturally strong and durable. This allows him to punch a hole in the Shagohod – something even an RPG-7 round couldn’t do – and survive a hit from the same type of RPG.

While he can fire lightning bolts, he also enjoys holding rifle cartridges between his fingers and firing them by cooking the gunpowder and then using the shells as conductors for his powerful electric punches. It can also absorb electricity from other sources and use it to power machinery. Curiously, it is not immune to its own electricity and can short out and injure itself when wet. This causes him to be afraid of thunderstorms.

6 Ky Kiske (guilty gear)

A skilled swordsman and gifted mage, Ky Kiske is a force to be reckoned with. The deuteragonist counterpart of Sol Badguy in the Guilty Gear series, Ky was a prodigy even among the Holy Knights. And since he comes from such an honorable organization, you know that when he hands you his ass, it will have been a fair fight.

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He is proficient in all forms of magic, but prefers lightning, the hardest element to master. He pairs this with a legendary weapon known as the Thunderseal, which powers lightning spells – but only if you’re strong enough to handle it. He can fire electricity or apply it to his melee attacks, making him a flexible fighter who can hold his opponents at bay or keep them under pressure at close range. He also has a move called Ride The Lightning. It’s as awesome as it sounds.

5 The Sith (Star Wars)

Seriously, pick one. From Count Dooku to Starkiller, Darth Revan to Emperor Palpatine, it seems the first thing Dark Side Force users learn is to throw electricity – and they’re all pretty deadly with it. Probably because they skip past all that inner peace nonsense and jump right into the fun part.

This may be because Force Lightning is used almost purely offensively, although there are a few niche examples of medical applications, such as when Darth Tyranus stabilized General Grievous’ heart. Or maybe it’s because it can be used to torture enemies before killing them, like Palpatine intended to do with Luke Skywalker. Either way, the Sith shouldn’t be laughed at, as getting slashed by a sweet red laser sword might be the best-case scenario if you’re pissing them off. If you’re unlucky, you might be tasered in a pile of smoldering ashes instead.

4 Cole McGrath (infamous)

Cole McGrath is the electrokinetic star of the first two InFamous games, who put his electric powers to good use. His control over electricity manifests in a variety of ways, from empowering him in melee combat with his Gigawatt blades, to allowing him to fight from a distance with lightning bolts and flash grenades. There are also more esoteric uses, such as draining health from enemies, reading the minds of corpses, and in at least one case, time travel.

His powers vary depending on whether he has been good or bad. If he’s bad, his moves become decidedly lethal, hitting groups with chain lightning that would make Emperor Palpatine proud. As a good guy, his powers aren’t quite as deadly, but provide more flexibility in combat. Cole’s lightning bolt also changes color depending on his karmic alignment, with the usual blue glow if he’s a good two shoe and a red lightning bolt if you decide to forgo the rules. Play badly enough, and you’ll even get black lightning bolts later.

3 Thor (Marvel’s Avengers)

Nordic Mjolnir wielder and versatile Asgardian idol – does Thor really need an introduction at this point? Even among the Avengers, the Odinson is a powerhouse, flying and throwing with divine power.

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Although he’s good in a fight and Mjolnir has nothing to mess about, Thor is ultimately the god of thunder. This is evident with his God Blast, which traps enemies in a storm before hitting them with lightning. Warrior’s Fury also imbues all of his moves with lightning and makes his teammates invulnerable. Appropriately for someone who controls electricity, it’s quite energy efficient. A good portion of his abilities channel more energy into himself, resulting in electrical moves or shorter cooldowns. As devastating as it is energy efficient, Thor deserves the title of “The Mightiest Avenger”.

2 Zeus (Punishment)

Greek god of the sky and king of Mount Olympus, Zeus of Smite is not a god to be taken lightly. Although he may come across as a frivolous hypocrite, displaying his own domain of keeping oaths and honesty to commit infidelities in the form of a swan or golden rain, he still controls the power of the heavens. with impunity.

In his fury, he can cause the power of storms, especially the lightning they carry. Zeus is more than a match against any god in any pantheon, striking his enemies with increasingly intense lightning bolts, charging them full of energy that he can blast at will. He can lock down an area with his ultimate, Lightning Storm, and anyone who chooses to stay there will not only take damage from hits, but also take more charges to explode again.

1 Raiden (Mortal Kombat series)

God of Thunder and Guardian of Earthrealm, Raiden is an Eternal Being and an Elder God that puts him orders of magnitude above his fellow Kombatants. The only thing stopping him from destroying all the threats to Earthrealm is that as a god he loses his divine powers when he enters other realms. Due to Mortal Kombat rules, he can only intervene if he makes himself mortal.

But even as a mortal he is a deadly adversary, since his millennia of existence have given him mastery of many martial arts. Even the fraction of his electrical powers he retains as a mortal is more than enough to handle most of his foes. He can teleport, call down lightning, fire bolts of electricity, and give his physical blows electric fury. When he’s done with you, he can generate enough power to blow all your limbs and your head off for good measure. Unfortunately, for all his power, he is not omniscient and has been known to make foolish decisions. At least that makes it interesting.

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