Valkyrae Leaves Discord Call With Sykkuno And Miyoung After Discussing Her Recent Gold Gala Appearance


The OfflineTV (OTV) crew of Rachell “Valkyrae”, Thomas “Sykkuno”, and Miyoung teamed up to play a few rounds of Fall Guys during a recent stream.

Last week, Valkyrae uploaded photos to her main Twitter account and revealed that she would be making a red carpet appearance at the Gold Gala. Rae wearing an amazing dress has gone viral on the social media platform.

While the group of friends were playing Fall Guys, Sykkuno and Miyoung started making fun of the 100 Thieves co-owner by mentioning that she was one of the most famous personalities at the Gala and that the paparazzi followed her.

This led to the YouTube Gaming sensation leaving the call as she felt uncomfortable.

Valkyrae leaves the call after being teased by Sykkuno and Miyoung

During a recent broadcast on May 24, members of the popular OfflineTV group lined up to play the popular battle royale game Fall Guys. For a while, the group couldn’t find games with full groups.

Rae provided a reason for the lack of games by explaining how full groups in the game had to search for the one person queuing in the team.

Sykkuno took the opportunity to poke fun at his good friend and mentioned:

“So that means one lucky spectator who’s queuing right now could join the one and only Valkyrae team.”

His light-hearted banter continued as he began to talk about his recent Gold Gala appearance:

“I heard she was at the Gala.”

Miyoung joined in the prank and added:

“She was and she had paparazzi!”

Sykkuno continued to tease Rae when Miyoung asked how he knew she was the most famous person at the event:

“Oh my god. I heard she was the most popular person at the gala. I was there yesterday when Toast (in disguise) said, ‘Rae was the most popular person at the gala.’

The 30-year-old left the call as Sykkuno teased her saying he made her feel uncomfortable. Soon, Sykkuno and Miyoung realized that Valkyrae had left the call.

Miyoung started blaming Sykkuno for making her good friend quit the Discord call. Rae joined them moments later, and both were relieved to see her return. After a few seconds of awkward silence, Sykkuno questioned Valkyrae:

“Rae, do you have anything against being the most popular person at the Gala?”

The YouTube queen replied:

“I wasn’t there. It’s all lies! Bella (Poarch) was literally there! She’s there, it’s true.”

The hilarious back and forth within the trio ended when Miyoung shared her feelings by mentioning that Rae was on another level during the event. According to her, she was the most famous person at the Gala.

Fans React To Valkyrae Leaving Call

The YouTube comments section was teeming with fan reactions, and fans loved the interaction between the three popular content creators.

Fans react to streamers'  conversation (Image via OfflineTV & Friends Fans/YouTube)
Fans react to streamers’ conversation (Image via OfflineTV & Friends Fans/YouTube)

Rae is one of the most popular content creators and streamers on YouTube Gaming. Since she started streaming exclusively on YouTube, she has amassed 3.6 million subscribers with 222 million views on the channel.

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