Vice City fan shows what female version of Tommy Vercetti could look like


Over the years, very few video game protagonists have remained in the pop culture sphere of gaming like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City the iconic Tommy Vercetti. Primarily thanks to actor Ray Liotta’s legendary performance combined with Tommy’s ruthless attitude and hilarious one-liners, the character remains one of Grand Theft Auto the franchise’s greatest playable protagonists of all time. With that, it’s no surprise that many Rockstar Games fans are still paying homage to Tommy, with a fan kingpin’s recent transformation going viral on Reddit.


Grand Theft Auto Vice City is a landmark entry in the franchise for many reasons. In addition to improving on the fun and addictive gameplay found in previous installments, Rockstar set out to push the narrative experience in this sequel by introducing a more fully-fledged protagonist who can finally speak, unlike GTA 3 Claude Speede. The developer then decided to set its story in an immersive 1980s world filled with some of the most memorable Grand Theft Auto characters. Influenced by films and television of the era, the game sees Tommy slowly taking over Vice City, becoming the most powerful mobster in the process.

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With all these fascinating qualities in one character, the captivating Grand Theft Auto Vice City The protagonist has received countless pieces of art from players who just can’t get enough of the somewhat lovable crime lord. But now a fan has paid homage to Tommy in a very unique way by showcasing a distinct take on the character as a woman, sparking a wider community discussion on Reddit regarding how having a female protagonist can change the public perception of the legendary character.

As noted above, model dadahanych has shared her incredible tribute to the community showing fans a “female version [of] Tommy Vercetti.” By displaying their accurate rendition alongside several in-game images, dadahanych captured the prominent visual elements of Tommy while providing a unique yet invigorated take on the protagonist. Not only did dadahanych introduce props to enhance imitation, but their turquoise Hawaiian shirt, faded blue jeans and white sneakers seem to have pulled it straight out of Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

Dadahanych’s post went viral on Reddit with over 1,700 upvotes, as fans on the feed seemed to appreciate seeing a female version of the Grand Theft Auto protagonist. In responses, users were supportive and vocal, saying “we really need a GTA game with a female lead.” Although there are several strong female NPCs in some of the Rockstar releases, like Red Dead Redemption 2 Sadie Adler, it’s clear that gamers want a playable female protagonist with her own story. Thankfully, despite Rockstar’s silence on the series’ future developments, various leakers have hinted at a possible female protagonist in Grand Theft Auto 6.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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