“Who Wants To Beat Me” – Valkyrae Sets Twitter On Fire By Teasing Potential Boxing Match


We know Valkyrae for her great content and gaming skills. But only a handful know that she is co-owner of 100Thieves and one of the most followed streamers in the world.


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Last night Valkyrae tweeted about the iDubbbz creator clash. The tournament took place a few days ago, which made the streamer curious about what it’s like to fight someone. She also ended up mentioning her weight and height, just in case anyone was up for a match-up.


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Valkyrae wants to try something new after iDubbbz Creators Clash!

The iDubbz Creators Clash Finals took place last night in Florida, featuring the host, iDubbbz vs. Doctor Mike, in a boxing match. The latter won the battle with a unanimous decision in front of 10,000 fans. The event turned out to be so huge that it caught the attention of many internet personalities. Among them was 100Thieves co-owner Valkyrae. Now you might be wondering what a Fortnite streamer has to do with boxing, so let me tell you.

After last night’s finale, Valkyrae tweeted to ask him how it feels to fight someone. In her tweet, she said, “Since the boxing match I’ve been curious what it’s like to fight someone lol I’m 5’3.5′ and 105lbs who wants to fight me.” The tweet gained popularity as many streamers responded to it.

His dear friend Pokimane was the first to comment, “I’m sorry but you are NOT 5’3 lmao.” To this, Rae replied, ‘I ALWAYS PLAN TO MEASURE MYSELF PROFESSIONALLY LOL.’ Watching this, fans started spamming the comments section predict who would win if the two female streamers fight.

Another famous streamer, CourageJD, mentioned, “I’m about the same height and weight. I’m ready to fight. Overall, the thread was filled with comments from streamers and jokes.

Mizkif challenges his fans!

Besides Valkyrae’s tweet, fellow Twitch streamer Mizkif posted on his Twitter, challenging his fans to a boxing match. He even uploaded a shock reaction video from the creators and showed off his body in the stream to prove to his fans that he is up for a challenge.


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In conclusion, the clash of creators turned out to be a huge success as streamers and celebrities from all over the world tuned in for the event. The organizer also offered the possibility of a similar event happening soon.


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Do you think Valkyrae can win a boxing match? Let us know in the “Comments” section.


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